Who is a stalker? What are the different types of stalkers?

  • Research shows that most stalkers are men pursuing women (Kramer, 2005)

  • It is also most common for stalkers to be rejected intimate partners.

  • Five Categories of stalkers:

  1. The rejected stalker- Stalkers of this type pursue a previous partner, family member, or close friend. Their goal is to reconcile the relationship. They could have previous offenses of domestic violence.
  2. The intimacy seeker- Stalkers in this category are convinced that there is an existing relationship between themselves and their victim. They believe that they are destined to be together. 
  3. The incompetent suitor- Unlike the intimacy seeker, these stalkers are not in love, but they do want to date and have contact with their target. They usually lack the interpersonal skills needed to initiate conversation, yet feel entitled to the relationship. They repeatedly harass the victim despite the victim's lack of interest. They also have the tendency to repeat these actions with a new target.
  4. The resentful stalker- The goal  of these stalkers is to scare their victim. They desire to cause injury in retaliation for perceived wrongs done to them by their victim. They have a sense of power or control over their victims.
  5. The predatory stalker- The goal of these stalkers is to attack their victim. In most circumstances, the attacks are sexual in nature. The stalking is sustained through power and control. Most instances of stalking by this type of stalker end in an attack. 

(Mullen, 2001)